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Our manufacturing method
The EMR System

The coconut is grated, lightly dried (below 40°C) and pressed manually. This process takes less than an hour from the moment the coconut is opened to the oil extraction.

The DME (Direct Micro Expelling) or Direct Micro Expelling solution uses a totally different approach in coconut processing compared to that of the coconut oil industry.

With the DME system we prefer to process small quantities of coconuts rather than taking large quantities (often degraded) as in processing plants.


One of the consequences is that we produce a much higher quality virgin coconut oil.

The terms "Direct Micro Expulsion" are very descriptive of our technology. 

  • Direct - fast (oil produced within an hour of opening the coco)

  • Micro - small scale (family farm size)

  • Expulsion - extraction of virgin oil

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